There was a palpable sense of fun, fellowship and exhilaration in the room as we gathered for the 2023 club changeover.   
President Shraddha was delighted to welcome District Governor Amanda Wendt, Assistant Governor Tony Laycock and Rotarians from Keilor East and West Footscray.
Additionally we were delighted to have Moonee Valley Councillors Katrina Hodgson and Rose Iser, and L2P Coordinator Emma Phillips as well as representatives from JobFind, The Wish Group, the Abbey Solo Foundation, PolyGlot Theatre, Unison Housing and Retro Entertainment.
The following awards were presented:
Pau Harris Sapphire to President Shraddha
Vance Hilton Community Leadership Award to West Welcome Wagon's Fay Salem
Jim Hosie Trophy to Yvonne Farquharson
10 year Service Award to Edith Chen
Rotary International Service Awards to Peter Cribb, Melina Caccetta and Yvonne Farquharson
Certificates of Appreciation to Sandy Belcher, Job Find, Abbey Solo Foundation, Deb and Jereny from MHFA.