Congratulations Jimmy!
A Royce Abbey Vocational Scholar success story.  Jimmy has just been inducted as President of his Rotary Club.
Jimmy came to Melbourne in March 2015 from Kabale Uganda and spent 3 months based in the Otways.  Then President Hugh Stewart and his family who are heavily involved in agroforestry and landcare in the Deans Marsh - Yan Yan Guurt area arranged a number or vocational visits and learning opportunities.  Jimmy attained a MasterTree Grower Certificate as well as participating in a number of agroforestry experiences.   Together with PP Allan Bruno, a number of experiences were arranged for Jimmy during his time here.
Hugh's brother Andrew had spent time in Kabale exploring forestry initiatives there and had met Jimmy.
Jimmy wasn't a Rotarian before his visit but joined soon after and has been Secretary of his club as well s working on youth and community service projects.  His family are immensely proud of his achievements and so are we - and delighted to report on his achievements since then.