Wednesday 15th November saw District Governor Ron Payne and Deb visit the Rotary Club of Flemington Kensington.
Also joining us on this evening were our 3 RYPEN students from Mount Alexander College, Claude, Emily and Tara with Claude's father Nicholas and Tara's mother Christine.
We were also joined by Honorary Member Dulcie Heard, our Global Grant scholar Haruka Tanaka and prospective member Herve Carlos who attended our changeover.   Anne Heyes brought along Cathy Connop from the Farnham Street Neighourhood Learning Centre: Cathy has been a regular visitor and Anne recently completed a workplace placement there.  Op Shop Manager Melina brought a volunteer Deb who has also visited in the past.
Ron spoke to members about Create Hope in the World and the four Rotary priorities: 
increasing our impact, expanding our reach, enhancing participant engagement, and increasing our ability to adapt.  He also encouraged us to thinks about flexibility in membership opportunities.
He then presented President Shraddha with the Rotary International President's Citation for 2022-2023 and our Foundation Donor banner.
May be an image of 2 people and text  May be an image of 2 people and text  
The RYPEN students gave short reflections on their experiences at Camp Getaway. 
All reported that the food was fantastic, the leadership and teamwork skills they gained were invaluable and they made new friends.  
Pictured: Claude, Tara, Emily, Lesley
Claude reported:
There were challenges including a new group and some tough tasks which had tyo be worked through in the team requiring patience and negotiation.  He said learned to wait for others rather than just rushing ahead and learnt about compromising/vs taking charge and problem solving.
Emily reported:
The RYPEN Rotary Camp was a beneficial experience and taught me many valuable aspects of volunteering, leadership and teamwork. The camp itself was very student-led, and our groups were tasked with completing activities, such as a scavenger hunt where we needed to find items around the camp and present our findings as a skit in front of the wider group. These activities over three days encouraged us to collaborate, take initiative, and meet new people, which are all skills that will help me in the future. The food was also great!
Tara reported:
During the RYPEN Rotary Camp I learned many useful skills and information that will help me throughout my life and career. The camp itself was a great experience, there were lots of group activities where I got to meet and talk to people from around the state. These activities were mostly student-led, the camp leaders had given us the opportunity to take leadership positions in the activities and allowed us to takeover so that we could work together as a team to get through them. This was a valuable experience because I learnt how to handle and get through though situations with my team and how to become a leader in the activities so I could help my group. I want to thank all the Rotary Club members involved for giving me the opportunity to go on this camp and for teaching me the skills that I learnt.