The Arts Committee will meet after our weekly meeting on Wednesday 15th to discuss and plan for 2020.
There are several elements which need clarification and refinement including budget, grant possibilities and events.
Anne McMahon has received a grant from City of Melbourne towards the Arts Festival but MVCC has yet to be applied for.
The volunteer ‘Arts Team’ will be getting together on Saturday 18th January at Crown Street Stables  to work out what is logistically and humanly possible in terms of arts activities for 2020. We will need to set realistic goals - and factor in overall Club activities as many of the volunteers are also club members and other Club projects will of course impact on their availability and energy levels. 
By January 30 (at the latest) the ‘Arts Team’ should have a clear and agreed to understanding, and logistical / funding framework in place, around the arts based activities/program that the Club can reasonably deliver in 2020. 
This includes:
The Rotary Art Show via Gallery 247 tentatively scheduled for Grand Final weekend.
The biannual community Festival 
The Arts on Anthony
Anyone wishing to be involved in the Arts Team is invited to participate in one or both of these meetings.
Anne H, Anne M, Edith will meet with Melanie Del Monaco from CoM on Wednesday at 1pm.