Funded partly by a Community Grant from the Federal Government, our club has managed the provision of Teen Mental Health First Aid to 15 members of the wider community presented over 2 days at Kensington Neighbourhood House.
Led by Deb Penglase from The Wish Group, who has presented programs for Central Melbourne Rotary, attendees came away with a much greater understanding of mental health problems in teenagers and young people and how best to support those.
Amongst attendees were Melina and 4 Op Shop volunteers, 4 members of The Venny and 2 representatives from Jobs Victoria MVCC.
MHFA course was AMAZING, but I have to tell you, a couple of us were left exhausted and quite raw after it... it's tough dialogue, and the course, whilst extremely informative and important, was quite emotionally exhaustive.
Some comments from participants were:
Challenging, informative and jam packed with life experience.  A highly recommended course for all age groups - MC
I learnt so much about myself and others - DR
Very informative - I am certain I can use the skills we discussed in my every day life - FS
Brilliantly research based and informative course.  I learnt so much. - EG