The Royce Abbey Award is available to Rotary Clubs wishing to recognise Rotarians showing enthusiasm and commitment to the Ideals of Rotary. By doing so the club makes a contribution to the Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund within The Rotary Foundation Permanent Fund.

The Award is an encouragement to newer members but is also open to longer standing members to encourage them to continue their contribution and commitment to the Object of Rotary.
This year, the club presented 2 Royce Abbey Awards to Cody Bettanin and Chris Brock.  Cody and Chris are both newer and young Rotarians who have demonstrated enthusiasm, commitment and made a contribution to the club through their involvement in the Youth Chair, the Board and the Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds project.
       Royce Abbey Award Committee member Roger Leask with Cody Bettanin and President Lesley McCarthy.                                                                   President Lesley McCarthy with Chris Brock.