Vocational meeting at the Djerring Flemington Hub 
There were lots of members taking the opportunity to see the Hub. 
Shraddha was joined by Alex, Abdi, Ching and her mum, Haruka, Jeff, Jo and grand daughter, Len, Lesley, Melina and Mohammed who met Justine and John, the Hub coordinators who gave us the tour.
Entering into the main open space, we are faced with the Jim Cusack foyer abutted by what will be the cafe.  Also on the ground floor, the admin offices, reception, sports change rooms, a children's room and several small meeting rooms.  Some of these rooms have an external door which will allow for privacy if meeting with Legal Aid or support personnel.
The first floor has an industrial kitchen allowing for large scale formal catered events. It looks out onto a lovely courtyard space with seating.
The major hall space can be divided into 3 parts with full sound and light systems and a lovely wooden floor.  Doors lead out onto a balcony overlooking the sports grounds.  There are also a number of larger meeting rooms here.
All rooms have names in the local indigenous language with an English explanation eg Reception=Wominjeka = Welcome.
 Victoria Stret left
Racecourse Road at the bottom