President's Report

With some restrictions lifted, we have finally had our first in person meeting, last Week 2nd December at Crown Street stables Cafe.

At this meeting I had the honour of presenting Allan Bruno & Ted Frank with Life Memberships of our club. These 2 inspirational Rotarians never cease to amaze me, with all they do, (and I accept I will never really know all they do).  This is such a worthy recognition for their years of service and dedication.

I also presented Past President Lesley McCarthy with a Paul Harris Sapphire with 3 rubies.  She was recognised by Past District Governor Grant Hocking at our Zoom changeover for her work on the District newsletter and in RLI.

On Monday, the Op Shop and Fit4 Use volunteers met at Hardimans Hotel for their Christmas lunch.  At this event, I had the honour of presenting Lorry Rowe, Manager of the Fit4 Use Store with a Paul Harris recognition for her work at the store.  Lorry was recognized with this award at our Zoom Changeover but, because of the Covid restrictions, we were unable to do the presentation in person.

It was a great opportunity to present it at our Volunteer Op Shops Christmas party with her volunteers present.

Op Shop.

Edith, Betty and all other volunteer /helpers have been a great team. Together with John and I, we have been implementing procedures and systems many of which were detailed by Jon Temby in his OH&S Report earlier this year.

Donations are left at the front & back doors and we have an excellent supply of stock.   We have also attracted some new volunteers with the changeover from the St Georges Op Shop.  Sales have been excellent and we are working on trying to get the best price possible from donations.


Fit For Use Store Werribee,

Lorry and her team have done an extraordinary job as always.  We had the honour of Lorry & her volunteer team visiting our Flemington Kensington Op Shop this week. The ladies had a great time, and enjoyed a VIP shop before the Christmas lunch.

Our club Christmas get together with be on Wednesday 16th December at 6pm at Hardimans Hotel, Kensington.  Please rsvp to Lesley.


VALE Past District Governor Gordon McKern AO
Gordon McKern was District Governor in 1992-1993 and was awarded Rotary International's highest honour the Service Above Self medal in 2018.  As District Governor, Gordon led efforts to raise millions of dollars to help create the Rotary Bone Marrow Donor Institute in Melbourne.
He passed away in hospital after a short illness.
24/8/1935 to 29/11/2020
Western Emergency Relief Network
WERN is relocating to a new site due to the Derrimut site being reclaimed by the owners. They are moving to Ravenhall and begin the pack up this week.  Any member available to assist is asked to contact David Hall via email to:  Once they have settled into the new site, we will be able to donate more items to them from the Op Shops. We are liaising and swapping items with each other now. 
Crocs from DiK
Thanks to a very large donation facilitated through Donations in Kind, we have a quantity of childrens' crocs footwear to be given away to families in need.  They shoes cannot be sold under the donation arrangements.  We have shared our quantity with Lorry at the Fit4 Use Store as well.  Thank you DiK.
RORP in Parliament this week!
Craig Ondarchie MLC gave a Member's Address in Parliament on RORP last week!
2021 Art Show
We have received over 120 entries now.  Next year's event looks to be even bigger than 2019 with people keen to celebrate surviving lockdown and looking for some joy. Make sure you save the dates for a wonderful weekend.
Thanks to John Elston who has worked with Anne McMahon to have the Gallery247 webpage up and ru8nning.  Entries are now open for submissions.
We are now seeking major sponsors for the 2021 Art Show.  Thank you to the sponsors who have committed already: 
City of Melbourne.  Nelson Alexander.  Kensington Business Network.  White Gum Potters.
If you are interested or able to provide sponsorship at any level, please contact Lesley.
The Op Shop refreshed!
President Anne, Treasurer Edith and member Betty have worked their magic with the help of many family, friends and volunteers to breathe new life into the cramped space.  Many thanks to our landlord Angela who has supported us with plumbing, roof repairs and hot water.
We also have some new volunteers and the shop has been decluttered.  Marie Kondo would be proud of Anne and Edith!
Sales have increased and people are considerate of our COVID safe plan and number limits.
Make sure you call in and visit - help out for a few hours or buy something special.  Anne has unearthed some treasures!
Hospital beds to Sri Lanka
We have now sent 2 containers of hospital beds with a 3rd to ship early 3031.  Tis is in response to a direct request from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health so we know the beds will go to the hospitals in need.
Nihal De Run and the BEAP Foundation funded te first container.
#Rotary People of Action  #Rotary Transforming lives  #Rotaryimpact
Container #5 is about to arrive in Sri Lanka.  There have been some issues recently with importing playgrounds however, PDG Senake is working with the Government on this.  Sam, Shradd and Jon worked with volunteers from other clubs to unload and load items.
Sincere thanks to Wayne Jenkins and the crew from Frankston/Mt Martha, John Arena, OmniTech, Banyule Council and the team from Ivanhoe for their extraordinary work.
The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the Rotary Club of Tripeshwor in Nepal through Shraddha's father's actions. A letter detailing what could be sent has also bee submitted and we are now waiting for confirmation of their readiness to proceed. Laurie Fisher at DiK assures us that transport to Nepal has been done by them in the past and they see no issues.
Peter has also been speaking with representatives from Marian Council in South Australia who are very interested in joining the RORP team.
Sending Get Well wishes to Geoff Cawsey who has had another bout in hospital with his leg.  And to Carolina Sevcikova who has also had surgery.  Get Well Ecards | Blue Mountain
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Robert Lawrence
December 31, 2003
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December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
Rotary's top priority is the eradication of polio, but Rotarians take on far greater responsibilities to fight disease. They set up health camps and training facilities in undeveloped countries and in communities struggling with HIV/AIDS and malaria. They also design and build the infrastructure for doctors, nurses, governments, and partners to reach the one in six people in the world who can't afford to pay for health care.
Disease prevention and treatment takes on many forms, from supporting studies to helping immunize people to improving drinking water and the sanitation infrastructure.
1 in 6 people worldwide cannot pay for health care. 100 million people are pushed into poverty each year because of medical costs. 57 countries have fewer than 23 health workers for every 10,000 people. 4.3 million doctors, nurses, midwives, and other skilled caregivers are needed worldwide.
Flemington Kensington Rotary are proud members of ESRAG.
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