President Shraddha
Dear Rotary Members and Friends,  
We had a fabulous tour of the new Djerring Flemington Hub last week where Justine showed us around and explained the different spaces.
We are very excited to be able to access the spaces in 2024.
The official opening will be held on Saturday 9 September and our members will provide the BBQ.  Please advise me if you are able to assist - not only with cooking and serving but also to promote our club.
Our next breakfast meeting on Wednesday 6th September at the Flem-Ken Bowling Club will see us welcome members of the Ordinary Life, a local organisation helping others.
There is lots happening so please keep reading for coming events and make sure you check the website calendar!
Vocational meeting at the Djerring Flemington Hub 
There were lots of members taking the opportunity to see the Hub. 
Shraddha was joined by Alex, Abdi, Ching and her mum, Haruka, Jeff, Jo and grand daughter, Len, Lesley, Melina and Mohammed who met Justine and John, the Hub coordinators who gave us the tour.
Entering into the main open space, we are faced with the Jim Cusack foyer abutted by what will be the cafe.  Also on the ground floor, the admin offices, reception, sports change rooms, a children's room and several small meeting rooms.  Some of these rooms have an external door which will allow for privacy if meeting with Legal Aid or support personnel.
The first floor has an industrial kitchen allowing for large scale formal catered events. It looks out onto a lovely courtyard space with seating.
The major hall space can be divided into 3 parts with full sound and light systems and a lovely wooden floor.  Doors lead out onto a balcony overlooking the sports grounds.  There are also a number of larger meeting rooms here.
All rooms have names in the local indigenous language with an English explanation eg Reception=Wominjeka = Welcome.
TAC L2P Car Project:
I am also excited to share that the TAC L2P car our club sponsored is now at Moonee Valley Council being prepared with our logo and having registration, insurance, and eTag arranged
Emma has advised us of a launch during the MVCC Youth Festival on Friday 22 September   Shraddha has extended an invitation to District Governor Ron Payne and Assistant Governor Tony Laycock to join us for this launch.
Time TBC but the festival runs 11-4.
Emma Phillips from MVCC will join us on Wednesday 20 September to speak more about the car and join with RYDA and the program coordinator Anton Hockey.   

Haruka's update:   
Haruka attended the lunch meeting of the Rotary Club of Melbourne on 16 August.  She spoke to members about herself and her studies and did a banner exchange with President Chris Sotiropolous.  Haruka also met DG Ron Payne, DGE Michael Lapina and DGEN Peter Shepheard as well as International Chair Carol Bond, Bob Fels  Austen Burleigh and David Kramm OAM.
Members are encouraged to take Haruka along to any events or activities they have planned. AFL anyone?   She is keen to see more of Melbourne and Victoria.
Please contact Lesley or Drew for her contact details.
President MigaraDe Alwis and Past District Governor Seneka Ameresinghe recently handed over playground equipment to the Kiriwalagama Primay School, Mederipitiya in Deniyaya Galle District.
This playground equipment was donated by the Mornington Peninsula Shire and arranged by the Rotary Club of Mount Martha.  
It was wonderful to see the school children at play and enjoying themselves soon after the new playground was commissioned     #rotaryclubofcolombo
We have been contacted by Lea Constantin, a former Rotary Youth Exchange student from France who is visiting Melbourne in 2024.  Lea was hosted by Warrnambool Rotary in 2018-2019.
She is currently studying towards a Masters Degree in International Relations -Affairs, focussing on Public Action.  She is also the President of Rotex for her district 1690. As part of her studies she will undertake a Gap Year - September 2024-August 2025 and is seeking a position related to international affairs, international law, politics and/or human rights (specially women and gender minorities.
Does anyone have a contact or connection which could provide such a role?
Please let Lesley know.
RIMERN is a wonderful hands-on service activity for all Rotarians and friends.  Our club's rostered day is the 3rd Thursday of each month 11-3.  Unfortunately, due to illness and family issues, our members have not been able to participate as much as we would like.
If you have hours to spare and would like to volunteer in a wonderful, warm and friendly activity, contact Lesley.            
Regionalisation Pilot Project Update

Regional Council Election:  There will be one Regional Council for all of Zone 8 (most of Australia) Elections will take place for a Chairman and a council, with terms of 2 years.

 Community Groups:  From 1 July 2024 the proposed regional model includes a new way of grouping clubs, with each group of clubs referred to as a Rotary Community Group. 

Regional Council Expressions of Interest now open:    Expressions of Interest (EOI) for elected roles on the Zone 8 Regional Council are now open.

Individual Rotary or Rotaract members interested in being part of the Regional Council must submit an EOI via the following form by Monday 4 September 2023 12pm AEST.

For the latest update on what's happening go here
Stephen Sennett from the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne lead us through this hands-on experience. ChatGPT is an incredible piece of technology that's changing every sector, and that includes Rotary!
It was really interesting.
ChatGP  can be a free access using natural language.  Some of the questions were answered accurately but others were slightly off - you can requestion with further information.
Sandi Fulcher and the Public Image team will offer additional sessions in coming months.
Have a go ....  here is the link https://chat,
Peter and Bev Cribb - South East Asia trip
Peter and Bev have travelled along the Mekong River through Vietnam and Cambodia.
They are now visiting the 400 killing fields across Cambodia which are now memorials and an active archeological site.
  Bunnings Maribyrnong, Corner Rosamond and Wests Roads.
   Our club is also a member of WERN although members have not been able to do as much hands-on service recently.     Can you help?  Anne Heyes is our contact.
ROTARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE aka RLI  -  save the dates!   
It's on again in October.  A fabulous Rotary learning experience led by 
PDG Julie Mason.

Learn about some of Rotary's history, how clubs, districts and zones work.  Develop some additional leadership knowledge and practical ideas t help, find out how to get Rotary grants, how the Foundation works and ideas and tips to build public image and promote your club and what you do.  Sessions are run over ZOOM: 
Saturday the 7th 10-12 noon  
Saturday the 14th 10-11 am  
Saturday the 21st 10-11am.                                    Link  
MOONEE VALLEY COUNCIL - Free Grant Writing workshops

If you’ve never applied for a grant before or you want a better understanding of the grants process, we strongly encourage you to attend one of our free grant writing workshops.

Grants are a competitive process so it’s important to understand the process and sharpen your grant writing skills. In these interactive workshops you will learn all about what a grants process usually looks like from start to finish, how to write a great grant application and how to prepare a budget that will impress assessors.

12 September 10am-12 noon// 18 September 6pm-8pm

Additional writing workshops are available, if you can’t attend this event be sure to check out other available sessions.

Registration to this event is essential. 

Bunnings BBQ - our first Bunnings BBQ this year
Saturday 30 September at Maribyrnong - Rosamond Road, Highpoint West.
Volunteers needed 9-12.30 and 12-4pm.  RSVP to Lesley.
Upcoming Events
Club Breakfast meeting
Flemington Bowls
Sep 06, 2023
7:30 AM - 8:45 AM
Official opening of the Djerring Flemington Hub
Flemington Hub
Sep 09, 2023
11:34 AM - 3:00 PM
Opening of the Flemington Hub with BBQ
Debneys Park
Sep 09, 2023
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
September Dinner Meeting
Hardimans Hoterl
Sep 20, 2023 6:00 PM
Launch of the L2P vehicle
Queens Park
Sep 22, 2023 11:00 AM
Sep 28, 2023
10:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Bunnings BBQ
Sep 30, 2023
9:00 AM - 4:15 PM
Club Breakfast meeting
Flemington Bowls
Oct 04, 2023
7:30 AM - 8:45 AM
Oct 26, 2023
10:30 AM - 3:00 PM
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