I am very humbled and honored to be elected the President of the Rotary Club of Flemington Kensington. It is such an honor, to be part of an organization that has a seat on the United Nations.    

My friend Edith Chen introduced me to Rotary about 4 years ago, and I thought what a fun club, with purpose and people with similar values to me; with the best of intentions to help improve people's lives.

Our club has been built on a strong leadership, so let me take this opportunity to thank our Immediate Past President Lesley McCarthy, who along with Allan Bruno, are the backbone of the club. 

Our club's main focus is not just to raise money, but to connect people and community, and include people from every background.

We are in a very strong position: not only did our local councilors attend  our Arts Gala night and Festival, our Federal and State members attended too. We are so lucky in this country, to have such close contact with members of Government at all levels. In other countries you may never meet your leaders, and in some countries, people in power can be so distant and out of touch from their citizens.

Coincidently the Chinese Zodiac sign for 2020-2021 is the year of the Rat and I am born in the year or the Rat. The Rat is known to be very determined and resourceful.  It will seek out every opportunity to open every door even if the door is jammed; the rat will find a way, over, under, around or through to seek out what is needed.  What a great year we are all going to have!

We are so fortunate to have a genuine team of Board members with extraordinary skills and talents that I can continuously depend on.  So please, expect many phone calls, as I engage each & every one of  you as my mentors.


The 2020-2021 Board
President Anne Heyes        Secretary Lesley McCarthy     Treasurer Sam Nicol
Club Service  Edith Chen    Community Service  Lyn Bourghouts 
International Service  Shraddha Sharma    Vocational Service  Anne McMahon 
Youth Service  Lesley McCarthy                 Investment Chair  Cody Bettanin   

Additional responsibilities:
Environment & Sustainability  Jon Temby   Diversity & Equity  Edith Chen
Homelessness Matiu Bush   OH&S Jon Temby
 Jon Temby will present an overview of Occupational Health & Safety as it applies to our club and members, especially in relation to the Op Shop and the Fit4 Use Store.  This briefing is for all members, not just those working in the shops or on the Board.
Monday 3rd August at 6pm   PW    jC37tB
6.45pm Part 2 and Q&A   PW   FqMZ5e
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY - It's everyone's responsibility!
Some of the attendees at the President's Changeover July 15th.
Our Club Changeover this year was a very different event from usual with 35 people joining us via Zoom and telephone.  This included Past District Governor Grant Hocking, District Governor Elect Dale Hoy and District Governor Nominee Amanda Wendt; members of Anne's and Lesley's families, Danny Pearson MP.
PDG Grant presented Lesley with a Paul Harris Sapphire in acknowledgment of her work with RLI and Networker over recent years.
As outgoing President Lesley made the following awards:
Lorry Rowe;  a Paul Harris Fellow, Sam Nicol a Paul Harris sapphire.
Lyn Borghouts the Jim Hosie Award
Barbara Champion the Vance Hilton Community Leadership award
John Arena and Robert Garoffolo, Business Excellence - Community Service Awards for their support of RORP.
 playground donated by City of Melbourne from North Melbourne was sent to Buturu in Tanzania, to a school on the shores of Lake Victoria.
The Sisters of the Resurrection in Essendon, mainly Sister Hermina who is a regular at Donations in Kind, support this school.  They have sent 9 containers to this school and community over the years.
Sister Hermina was pleased to share these photos with us of the children at play, and enjoying the same delights that children in Australia have.
The Bosin Twins 21 years on ...
21 years ago co-joined twins were born to Magdalene, from a small island near Bougainville Papua New Guinea, which was, at that time,
war-torn.    A difficult birth meant that half way through the delivery, Magdalene, was transferred to a larger island over 400 meters by boat, and then a power failure during the caesarean operation forced the completion of the delivery under moonlight!  The twins were transported to Port Moresby the following day. 
They became the patients who laid the foundation for what has become ROMAC - Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children.
Eaustina and Eusthocia were flown to Melbourne by ROMAC where they were successfully separated at the Melbourne Children's Hospital.  
The Rotary Club of Flemington played a significant tole in this project.  Allan Bruno, who was involved in the club's participation,  will tell us more when we are able to resume meetings.
Fast-forward 20 years and Eusthocia has graduated with Diploma in Business in Madang and Eaustina will graduate later this year as a primary school teacher, also in Madang.
Another ROMAC success story!  
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