Op Shop - Melina and the volunteers are now having a well-earned break.

The shop is now closed and will re-open on Wednesday 1 February at 11am.
Carols in Queens Park
Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day.  Special thanks to John Sklenar who was there from start to finish and cooked all day!
Many thanks to Mel for organizing assistance from the Kensington Soccer Club - Alex and Campa were there with John from early on until the end and we also had Susan and 2 of the young players helping out.
Edith Chen, Peter Cribb, Yvonne & Bob Farquharson, Shraddha & Rakesh, Lesley, Mel and Marty.

School scholarships

Shraddha and Lesley have attended school assemblies recently and presented the club's annual scholarships.
This week, Shraddha attended Ascot Vale West primary school where scholarships for Civics & Citizenship were given to Mischa and Helena.
Lesley presented at St Brendans School to Adam and Emanuel.
Shraddha was able to visit Ascot Vale Heights School and present to Sebastian.
Lesley attended the MAC Awards evening and presented the Del King award to Nasteho and the Ted Frank Vocational scholarship to Anh.
Kensington Community HS awards event was not advised i time - the recipient was Clayton.
Congratulations to all students.
Communication from DG Elect Ron Payne

During our President Elect Program, we have provided you with tools that can be used to establish
future priorities when planning for your year as President.
The Club Health Check
This document could be used with a few members who have agreed to be on your Board. It will
provide you with valuable information showing how these members perceive the current state of
the Club.
The Member Satisfaction Survey
This document is designed to get a comprehensive insight into the running of your club from the
entire club membership.
It has been designed to be an online form, with a link https://forms.office.com/r/MA9G4LrB80
that you can circulate to all club members.

You would also need to provide some details to go with this link, to explain to the members why they
are being asked to complete this.
The members would complete this in a given timeframe, with you providing the deadline date, and
the results are collected in one place.
Sandi Fulcher has access to these results and will send them to Shraddha to provide a perspective that can only assist in your forward planning.
The Path to President Checklist
I have attached this again for your ease of use.
Season’s Greetings
As we now enter the time for a break, recharge our Rotary batteries and spend some quality time
with our family, on behalf of Deb and me, I’d like to wish you a very safe and happy festive season. I
thank you for your work to date and very much look forward to the New Year when we will do some
wonderful work together.
Best wishes
Lorry's Report from Manila, the Philippines
From the 1st day of arriving in Manila we were overwhelmed!  Michael Redding from Werribee Rotary was with me as well as my family.
Edwin Nombre, whom you know of from the True Manila Street Children feeding program which he started many year ago had arranged for us to travel with him to one of the biggest wholesale markets in Manila.  There we bought T-shirts and were so excited to see such a huge shopping complex.  We got lost and Michael was not impressed!  Edwin thankfully found us and we were on time.

You will remember my request for no presents on my retirement, just money for the Street feeding program. So I had $590.   
That first night, we fed almost 300 children and gave them T-shirts. It was simply overwhelming.
Michael's Report.
Visit to Rotary Cabanatuan

RORP December update

Bob Allardice from Rotary Nunawading has provided a report on the last 6 months of operations.
On 26 November, a team of 16 loaded the container bound for Port Blair India - a connection coordinated by Shraddha from her visit last year.
Following his visit to our club and further discussions with President Shraddha, Rotary Central Melbourne's Rhys Williams attended a meeting at the Rotary Club of Tripureshwor while in Nepal recently.  Rhys has worked in international education in Asia for many years, and with Stephanie Woollard of 7 Women fame in the past.
Upcoming Events
Breakfast meeting
Mama Bear Cafe
Feb 01, 2023 7:45 AM
Joint Meeting with Rotary Strathmore
Windy Hill
Feb 14, 2023 6:30 PM
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