Welcome to a new Rotary year!
Greetings everyone
During this extended lockdown and with the steady rise in the numbers of people affected with COVID, it is important to remember our members and friends who are finding life difficult.  We have several members who are elderly, living alone or in poor health.  I ask you all to make a commitment to ring someone every week just to say hi!
Thank you to Edith Chen who shared this information with me: Life Starts at 60, but depression and anxiety shouldn't.
Last week I attended a meeting with our Sister Club, the Rotary Club of Colombo.  There were Rotarians from 4 continents in attendance including Germany, the Philippines, US, Australia and New Zealand and Asia.
The Guest Speaker was Professor Sven Hansen from the Resilience Institute  Auckland New Zealand who spoke on Resilience in a Pandemic.  His focus was on resilience - not just bouncing back, but bouncing forward.  
It was lovely to see so many of the familiar faces with whom we have corresponded in the past.
The recent Cluster Meeting was another opportunity to extend relationships with our cluster group of clubs - Essendon and Essendon North, Footscray and Footscray West.   Chaired by our Assistant Governor Tony Laycock, we shared what our clubs are doing in these difficult times and agreed to work together on some environment projects in the future.  Essendon have a project where they have built 100 Bee Boxes as part of their R100 project and it would be good to combine some of these in our Maribyrnong Habitat project.
Our club had nominated 2 students from MAC to attend NYSF  interviews. 
Both students have been successful and will attend NYSF - in whatever combination of virtual and face to face is permitted, in Melbourne in January.  Well done to Inas and Zoe.
am and Stella are looking for a house in Frankston to allow them to be closer to new grandson Miles.
John Sklenar has retired from the ANZ Bank after 40years - what will he do with himself?
Shraddha and Samira are still in Nepal with little hope of returning in the near future.  Airfares via Dubai or Qatar are around $20,000 and flights very difficult to come by.  So, for now they are staying with her family.  She is learning some new yoga routines and they are keeping busy.
Sadly, John Heyes is very unwell and has started immunotherapy.  Visitors are not allowed due to his compromised immune system.  Anne thanks everyone for their calls, messages and concern.
For now, wear a mask, get vaccinated, stay healthy and be prepared for a resumption of Rotary People of Action again.

Last Wednesday 1 September was not only the first day of Spring: it was Wattle Day and Betty Kitchener shared photos from their holiday in Kingscliff, NSW.  Betty and Tony went for a holiday back in July and have stayed on.  They are enjoying the warm weather, the beach and the relative COVID free lifestyle.
Tony says that National Wattle Day is a day officially recognized by the Australian Government (see This is why it should be Australia’s national day:
1.       Wattles are beautiful.
2.       Wattle Day is the first day of spring and the weather is great.
3.       Wattles are apolitical and offend no one.
4.       Shops can’t commercialize it because wattles are free to enjoy.
Usually we celebrate with a wattle seed cake but because we don't have a supply of wattle seeds here in Kingscliff, we are having a lamington instead.
At our last meeting we heard from Catherine Johnson, a researched at the University of Melbourne working in mental health in young children.  Her findings on the lack of confidence expressed by both parents and teachers in identifying issues and knowing where to go were concerning. 
She is seeking input from teachers for further studies so if you could share the flier attached, this would be appreciated.
Our club's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion champion Edith Chen has been included in a Seniors Victoria Festival Reimagined project.  Edith and her sister Lee feature in a podcast about Women, Arts and Activism featuring stories from women of Chinese-Taiwanese, French-Canadian, Greek-Cypriot, Indian-Malaysian, Italian, Maltese, Nigerian, and Sri Lankan heritage reveal historical events that made a big impact on their life before, and after, coming to Australia. 
Published in pairs for each episode titled ‘Women, Art and Activism’, these podcasts are a true example of social inclusion within cultural diversity.
Lorry Rowe has asked for support to complete a project in Manila, the Philippines, with a friend of hers.  The project is to build a grocery store in a very poor part of the city and support the impoverished families living there with access to rice.  The shop would also provide employment.  We are still working through logistics, and possibilities of working with a club in Manila.
See this video on the work being done by Edwin and his True Manila charity.
Next Meeting Wednesday 15  September at 8AM - 7.45 for pre meeting chat!
Guest Speaker at our next meeting is Yvonne Farquharson who will speak to us about the Healthy Kidneys Education program.

Meeting ID: 858 198 0266     Passcode: 675123     
RIMERN has received Permitted Activity status and as such are calling for volunteers to begin the task of sorting, unpacking and organising donations.  According to the COVID protocols, volunteers may only volunteer for one half day a fortnight {Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9.30-12.30 or 1.30-4.30} and must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask while at the store.
Other jobs will emerge as time goes on, but if you can help with the tasks above, please send your details, including full name, DOB & home address (for permit info) and task/day/shift preference to Rohan Williams asap
Any questions re tasks, please contact or 0414 907 263.
The ESRAG Writing competition based on the UN Climate Change Conference has been announced.   Aspiring journalists and science enthusiasts in years 7-10 are invited to submit an article.  Winning articles will be published in the ESRAG Oceania newsletter, on the website and receive a financial prize.
Please share with schools and people you know.
Professor Maureen Ryan from VU and a previous partner in the Words & Pictures/Gallery Sunshine work has asked for our collaboration on a new project  Funded by a MVCC grant, Maureen and her partner Karen are exploring what places in Flemington are memorable - to current children, migrants and the long term residents.  A book will be produced with images and words showing the connections we have with our geographical area and buildings.
To be involved contact Edith or Lesley.
Have you seen North West Inner City News yet?  We are pleased to be able to contribute stories each month and share our work and activities with residents of Melbourne, North and West Melbourne, Flemington, Kensington, Parkdale and Carlton.
 Posted by Tim Moore on Jun 11, 2021
To celebrate our Centenary, this year’s Zone 8 conference is all about sharing the wonderful impact of Rotary.  It will take place on 11 & 12 September.
There are some great reasons to attend this year’s event:
  • Be inspired by Rotary projects in communities around our Zone
  • Meet some of our Rotary heroes – dedicating their lives to making a positive difference
  • Learn new ways to deepen engagement and impact from Rotary’s senior leaders
  • Connect with Rotary friends old and new
  • Share the ‘big picture’ of Rotary impact with your newer members
  • Be inspired to deepen your engagement and make an even greater difference through Rotary
The 2021 event is virtual with a flexible two-day program designed to inspire and energise you.  The event will have all the best elements of the face to face conference  – you can listen to great speakers, ask questions, network with Rotarians friends (old and new) and choose the sessions you want to attend – all from the comfort of your home or in a shared space with other Rotarians and friends.
This event will bring together the best of Rotary in one place over one weekend, running on both days from 11.30 – 1.00 pm AEST.
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