President's Report

President Anne has been enjoying a well earned holiday at Aireys Inlet with family this week.  After a hectic festive season and resumption of the Op Shop and Art Show preparations,  we farewelled her and John for some sun, sand and rest.

She will be back at work next week.


At this week's meeting, we welcomed Alex and Ella, our 2020 NYSF students from MAC who told us about their VCE year experience.  They have both received their choice of university offers: Alex to study Biomedical Science at Melbourne and Ella a double degree in Science and Business Management at RMIT.
Haniyah, our inaugural Del King school was unable to attend but has gained entry into Fashion &Textiles in Sustainable Innovation at RMIT.
Well done to them all.
We also welcomed Salma Salaat who is our NYSF student for 2021.  Salma attended NYSF online due to COVID and will participate in some face to face events later in the year.  She said that participating opened her eyes to the options possible through science.  Man Lam, Science Coordinator who nominated Salma also attended.
Our next meeting is Wednesday February 17th at Crown Street Stables at 7.30am.  As always, purchase your drink and food at the cafe and make your way upstairs to the Loft.  Keep an eye out for any COVID changes.
2021 Art Show
We have received over 200 entries now.  This year's event looks to be even bigger than 2019 with people keen to celebrate surviving lockdown and looking for some joy. Make sure you save the dates for a wonderful weekend.
Thanks to John Elston who has worked with Anne McMahon to have the Gallery247 webpage up and ru8nning.  Entries are now open for submissions.
Sincere thanks to those sponsors who have already committed to supporting us:
City of Melbourne, Bendigo Bank Ascot Vale, Kensington Business Network, Hardimans Hotel, Nelson Alexander, White Gum Potters.
Interested in sponsorship?  There are several levels available.
Rotary International President Holger Knaack has challenged all Rotary clubs to create a 70-100 second video for his #IFixThePlanet competition.  I have  received interest from Zoe and Salma and am after ideas on what activities, actions we do which could be featured.
See Holger's video here.

Nobody can do everything.

But everyone can do something.

Show us what you are doing

and help fix the planet.

RORP collection is on hold due to problems with imports to Sri Lanka.  Peter and Shradd are working with other clubs and districts and progress has been made on shipping to the Philippines.  An agreement with Nepal imminent.
Sam Nicol and a team will collect the playground from JJ Holland park today.
Image result for february rotary
The Rotary Foundation offers a number of scholarships and this month in particular has advertised the Rotary Peace Fellow scholarships.  These scholarships are a life changing opportunity and I encourage everyone to bring this flyer to the notice of anyone who may be interested.
The club almoner continues to be busy:

Geoff Cawsey is continuing his recovery and will attend a meeting soon.  
Len was back with us this week and is looking great.
Lyn has been unwell with a strain.
Lesley is now in hospital with a total knee replacement.
Josie's partner Brian is still unwell and is in and out of hospital. We send our best wishes.

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