Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds is a project of our club which collects unwanted playgrounds from councils and schools and sends them to disadvantaged overseas communities. This is environmental sustainability in  action.  Starting with a single playground to a girls school in Sri Lanka, this project has now collected over 50 playgrounds from across Victoria and sent them to Timor Leste, the Philippines and Tanzania as well as Sri Lanka.  The RORP story continues to grow and has now expanded across Victoria to encompass all Rotary Districts and has seen
4 containers shipped to date.
Our sincere gratitude to Laurie Fisher at DiK for his unfailing support and patience with loading, shipping and the truck.
We are exceedingly grateful to the support of Barb Champion at Play Australia; John Arena at Arena Gardens Playgrounds, Robert Garoffolo at Adventure Plus Playgrounds, Fred Haig & Rebecca Hiel at OmniTech Playgrounds.
There are now 28 councils involved and we have also partnered with a number of schools; each donor pays a small fee to contribute to shipping costs.  Individual "cells" have arisen at Ivanhoe and Mount Martha where those Rotary clubs manage their own contacts, harvesting and delivery to Donations in Kind.  A scoping plan is taking place to commence shipment to Nepal through one of our members and costings and connections re being explored.
Would you like to be involved?  Do you have a school, council or country connection?
The usual cost to donating councils or schools is about $660, just sufficient to cover the cost of shipping a container of 7 playgrounds on a major shipping route.
Timor Leste and Nepal are more expensive so the donation/funding model will be negotiable there.
For more information contact:
RORP Chair Peter Cribb
RORP Treasurer Sam Nicol
Operations Manager Shraddha Sharma
For Timor Leste,  contact David Dippie at Donations in Kind