Posted by Lesley McCarthy
This year's Kensington Festival was bigger and better than ever, despite not hosting the Unity Cup.
The Kensington Association had an excellent response to participants with a wide range of stalls, entertainment, activities and centres of interest.
Boomerang Bags, the Compost Hub, the repair hub, an animal farm/petting zoo, lots of food stalls and musical events, stilt walkers and entertainment made sure there was something for everyone.
The Rotary crew provided a delicious sausage sizzle with all members participating.
Sincere thanks to Cody Bettanin, Peter Donnellan, Sam Nicol, Lana from the Op Shop, Anne Heyes, Mick Lawn, Rob Lawrence, Matiu Bush, John Sklenar, Jon Temby, Ted Frank and Edith Chen for their contributions to this very successful event.
As well as selling sausages and drinks, we were fundraising for End Polio and distributing club promotional
materials.  It was great to see so many people we know including Adam Bandt and daughters, Sheila Byard, Ann Ada and grandsons, Lyn Borghouts {at the Boomerang Bags stand}, Robert Nolan {at the Kensington
Mental Health stand} John Heyes {at the Repair Hub} Tim Solly {performing} and Melanie Del Monaco from City of Melbourne.