I loved RYLA, but I still struggle to concisely summarise my experience.
Some advice that one of my facilitators gave me when I voiced my concern about discussing RYLA in the ‘real world’ was to say what I learnt.
I loved RYLA, and I learnt to keep doing what I am doing, to listen, to reflect, to be grateful for what I have, and to believe in myself.   
After RYLA, I have tried to practice what I learnt, to challenge myself, and to be kinder to myself and others; in communicating, listening, and considering, without overthinking.  I came home with four challenges that I wanted to work on, and I am feeling more comfortable with them after practicing. I will move on to new challenges when I feel comfortable with these.
The program itself was really well organised, each seminar perfectly complemented the last. I was continuously challenged, and I became so addicted to that feeling of accomplishment after overcoming adversity that I seek out challenges in my day to day life.  Everyone could benefit from RYLA.
I made so many friends that I am still catching up with, 12 weeks after the program finished. The friendships that I made at RYLA are different to my other friendships; we are a very diverse group, and the friends I made aren’t necessarily the people I would seek out in everyday life, but these people share the same values as me, and they now also share an experience. We keep each other accountable for our goals and honest, and I am very grateful to have friends that are so invested in my personal development.
Moving forward I am hoping to go back next year as a volunteer, (but that’s not really up to me). I am also going to join Rotaract, so that I can continue to meet other like-minded young people.
Thank you, Flemington-Kensington Rotary, a million times, for the opportunity, I learnt so much and made so many friends.  I loved RYLA, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity!