The newsletter update highlights the key points from the planning day, held today on 5th April, including discussions on current and future projects, ideas for a community engagement hub and membership growth, and a focus on mental health training and activities. It also encourages all members to get involved and work together towards achieving the club's goals for the upcoming year.

           Report on Rotary Club Planning Day for 2023-2024 Vision and Strategy

Firstly, I want to thank those who attended the session at Flemington Kensington Bowls. It was great to see so many enthusiastic members come together to share their ideas and give their input on the future of our Rotary Club. Although we missed some of our valued members who couldn't make it due to several personal commitments, we had a good turnout and there was a positive buzz and energy around sharing ideas.

The meeting was productive, with members reviewing all current projects and evaluating them against the club's strategy. Members gave clear direction on where they want to focus next year, with a general consensus reached on continuing to support and sponsor students, local charity causes, and council activities that the club currently supports.

New ideas gained a lot of interest, including setting up a community engagement hub/area where migrants and disadvantaged community members could be assisted by running short courses and mentoring programs such as tech classes for newly arrived migrants or stay-at-home mothers, English classes, and other skills-based training. Members also voted in favor of focusing their efforts on membership growth and activities that will assist in bringing in new members, brief ideas were exchanged on ways to reach out to potential members, such as through social media campaigns and community events.

Mental health training and activities to support the community were also identified as priority project areas, with a particular focus on initiatives that benefit vulnerable groups.

We recognised the importance of prioritising our efforts and resources.
We explored creative and innovative ways to support our community.
The chart served as a valuable reference point throughout the session to align with our overarching goals.         

Furthermore, it was discussed ensuring that the club's activities provide the greatest possible value and impact to our community is very important. As part of this discussion, some projects were reviewed and members agreed that it would be beneficial to stop activities that are already covered by other agencies or charities and are not providing the desired outcomes. This will allow us to focus our efforts and resources on activities where we can make the most positive impact, while also ensuring that our team's energy is being used effectively.

We appreciate the efforts and contributions of all members in making the planning day a success. The club is looking forward to implementing the new ideas and priorities discussed during the session, and we hope to continue making a positive impact in our community.

Yours in Rotary,