Tues 10th March
As we watched the ‘toilet-paper’ crisis in Melbourne emerging as a result of the COVID-19, we wondered if our planned trip starting tomorrow would/should proceed? Thorough checking with all venues confirmed it was still “on” and so our travel insurance would not cover our cancelling the trip, but did cover any medical issues from the virus, we resolved to go!  After all, we could contract the infection staying at home!  We were flexible, having already cancelled our planned two day stay in Hong Kong and having accepted a last minute change of flights within Europe due the airline involved reducing flights.
Wed 11th  
We left Tullamarine and headed to Hong Kong airport where we will transit to Frankfurt. We had access to the Airport lounges, these were largely empty as were the airports. We did have our temperature taken as we transited through Hong Kong. During the onward flight to Frankfurt the US announced the closure of its boarders to all European travels, would Australia follow suit?  The US decision immediately had consequences, resulting in massive cancellations on our flight to Frankfurt that saw it only half full!  As we arrived in Amsterdam from Frankfurt the Netherland Gov announced the closure of all museums and galleries! Oops!
Thurs 12th
The impact of no groups larger than 50 in Holland (10 in some other European countries) was evident as we strolled around Amsterdam with the streets largely deserted. However, restaurants and coffee shops were open and we enjoyed them! That night the Dutch Gov announced restaurants were to close  from Sat! Fortunately by then we would be with family in the south-east of the country as otherwise we would be on a severe diet!
Fri 13th 
A phone call from the River Cruise Company (APT) who called to advise our trip to start next week was now cancelled. It seemed that a number of countries along the lower Danube would not allow the river boat to dock. We subsequently also learnt that the planned multiday tour of the historic sites in Greece was also cancelled. In addition the media was constantly announcing an ever widening set of restrictions at an ever increasing frequency. As we sat drinking our coffee it occurred that the weekend was starting in Australia and businesses would soon close for the weekend. It was time to act! We emailed our Travel Agent immediately asking her to cancel the rest of our trip and get us home ASAP before travel was further restricted or prohibited.
Sat 14th
We woke to an email from our agent with a proposed itinerary that would see us travel through Bangkok rather than Singapore as Lufthansa were now not allowed to land there, the onward flight to Melb would now be Air Thailand. Our agents explained that the options were limited as so many flights were being cancelled and different countries had imposed border controls that banned some airlines from landing. We recommend Flight Centre in Torquay highly - their effort and attention to sorting our problems were exemplary!
As their office was now closed for the weekend business ( 5pm in Oz was 7am in Holland), we emailed acceptance of the planned itinerary. The goal was to get home whilst we were healthy, and a route was possible.  As we checked out of the small hotel the manager advised that their twenty rooms that had been fully booked till November would see only two occupied by the following Tuesday and the Hotel likely closing for a period.  We took the train to the south east of Holland to stay with family in Boxtel. Whilst in transit more border closures were announced.
Sun 15th
The Dutch Government announce the closure of schools and the EU announce border closures. We did the normal family visiting although some meetings were through glass in case we were infected!  If we got infected on the way home….? Local tourist activities were not possible due to widespread closures. The local Boxtel supermarkets were experiencing some shortages but nothing like what we had experienced back in Oz.
Mon 16th
A phone call from the Torquay Travel Agent at 6:30am! The time difference allowed little overlap. They advised that the plans had to change again as we were not allowed to travel through Bangkok as we had transited through Hong Kong on the way out!  The new plans were to travel on Lufthansa to Japan and then Nippon Air to Sydney and Qantas to Melbourne. All business class to reduce exposure to others who might have the virus and to strengthen our claim on seats should they become scarce due to cancelled flights.
Tues/Wed/Thurs  17-19th 
Rail to Amsterdam and then the return trip started with the flight from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. So few flights due to massive cancellations!  
As it turned out this and future flights were fairly empty making the maintenance of “social distance” on the plane an easy task.
 The Airport terminals at Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Tokyo were also largely deserted, and this despite the closure of whole wings
due to as lack of plane movements at Frankfurt and Tokyo airports. Inside the terminals it is eerily quiet with few people and no restaurants open!  The airport lounges are virtually empty and offering drastically reduced services.
No hot food in Frankfurt and  just a bowl of noodles in HK.

After 44 hours we land in Melbourne! Safe and still well.  Now for the 14 days isolation.