Professor Tony Jorm of the Rotary Club of Carlton has been working with Steven Carbone from Prevention United on developing support for people with depression and anxiety. 
So let's talk about mental wellbeing.  
Tony and Steven co-authored an article on The Conversation which identifies what the government needs to do to reduce the mental health impacts during COVID-19.  
There is also a free ebook available  on Staying ahead:
     A  Awareness
     H  Healthy lifestyle
     E  Emotional flexibility
     A  Adversity support
     D  Direction
Thanks to Betty Kitchener for sharing these resources.
We have also been offered a free mental health assessment through an online survey.  This survey is based on Professor Martin Seligman's Positive Psychology research which is used in many schools around the world.  If you are interested, here is the link:  Wellbeing Workplace Survey at
For further information contact Martin Suchta, Apexcentral on 0413 596 050