The Bosin twins today
21 years ago co-joined twins were born to Magdalene, from a small island near Bougainville Papua New Guinea, which was, at that time,
war-torn.    A difficult birth meant that half way through the delivery, Magdalene, was transferred to a larger island over 400 meters by boat, and then a power failure during the caesarean operation forced the completion of the delivery under moonlight!  The twins were transported to Port Moresby the following day.
They became the patients who laid the foundation for what has become ROMAC - Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children.
Eaustina and Eusthocia were flown to Melbourne by ROMAC where they were successfully separated at the Melbourne Children's Hospital. 
Another ROMAC success story!
Eusthocia and Eaustina
The Rotary Club of Flemington played a significant tole in this project.  Allan Bruno, who was involved in the club's participation,  will tell us more when we are able to resume meetings.
Fast-forward 20 years and Eusthocia has graduated with Diploma in Business in Madang and Eaustina will graduate later this year as a primary school teacher, also in Madang.