Thanks to our donors,  Rotary members in your community and around the world have been able to take action and make an impact. Your support of our Foundation meant more projects were possible, more people were served, and more problems were solved.  
The Foundation has awarded over 1,900 global grants totaling more than $139 million so far this Rotary year. 
Together with our partners, we’ve immunized nearly 3 billion children against polio since 1988.
Rotary members around the world continue working to keep their communities healthy and safe from diseases like COVID-19. 
We are pleased to announce that we have committed to support RIMERN - Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Centre situated in Brunswick.  RIMERN is the brainchild of Rotary Prahran and is supported by Albert Park, Balwyn, Carlton, Camberwell, Canterbury, Central Melbourne, North Balwyn and North Melbourne as well. 
The ERNs supply good quality second hand furniture and household  goods, to people in need without charge.  They assist people suffering traumas include long-term illness, unemployment, loss of home and belongings through fire, domestic violence, lack of family support, homelessness, or refugee status.  Authorised 
welfare agencies’ refer clients and support with collections.
This is a hands on service project which all members are able to participate in alongside our support of WERN based in Melton.
All members are invited to chat to Anne or Lesley about the opportunities.
The 4th annual Progressive Dinner is set for Wednesday 18th August.  Always a fabulous night of dining and fun, this event is a must for all.  Visit  Doutta Galla Hotel (starting location/meeting point), * Flemington Kebab House , * Pepper Cafe , * Laksa King , * New Somali Kitchen, * Wayo Japanese, * I Love Dumplings, * Pho House, * Curry Cafe Canteen.
$75 pp  Book through the Traders Facebook - eventbrite page