I met up with Stephanie Way from MVCC to review the condition of our Wildlife Habitat and  Pollination Corridor at Fairbairn Park early in December.
The groundcover and understorey plants are flourishing, obviously enjoying the amount of rain they have received this year.  The mature trees are also looking good and have shown significant growth.       Unfortunately so have the weeds, so I spent some time with Stephanie pulling them out.
The yellow Billy Buttons have thrived and grown out of the tree guards.  The guards will be removed in coming weeks.
Our original plan to install some seating was delayed by budget restraints and then COVID but this is now on the agenda again.  We discussed locations, types of seating and the possibility of some sort of shelter/shade as well as a water fountain for adults and dogs.    A grant has been applied for through the Commonwealth Volunteer Grants portal and will allow for funds for this.
A working bee is planned for early 2022.